Services Circles

More important than having all the answers is asking the right questions.

More important than expressing views is listening.


K. Jaeger & Associates have over 30 years experience listening carefully to our clients… to fully understand their requirements; and to our candidates… to understand and appreciate their needs, ambitions, and professional goals. We have discovered that often search criteria are modified as clients re-examine goals and roles in light of changes occurring in their organization or in the marketplace. We listen and advise and tailor our search to anticipate those changing goals.


Our consultative approach depends upon an open and candid exchange of information with both client and candidate, leading to a partnering relationship.


Acting as the representative of our client, we are prepared to address the broad range of issues and concerns that candidates may express.  We identify and discuss potential problem areas or challenges before accepting the assignment.  The formal position description is an important starting point; however, through in-depth discussions we endeavor to examine and understand all elements of the position that will bear upon the candidate’s performance; for example: clearly defined objectives, management style, corporate culture, reporting relationships, budgetary constraints, travel requirements,  and any special circumstances.


Our goal is to understand very clearly the key elements of the position and to introduce only well-qualified candidates, providing an informed and efficient search effort. We know that a successful match must benefit both the client and the candidate. Today more than ever, excellent people represent the key scarce resource.