Reflections on Recruiting

Luck…when preparation meets opportunity

If “timing is everything,” then it is critical that we be prepared to act when the time is right.  Know what you are trying to achieve and have an action plan.   Understand the advantages and potential opportunities, as well as the risks involved in making a move.  Always have an

Listen, listen, and then listen some more

…is, perhaps, the best advice for someone who has not been in the “interview mode” for some time.  As every good salesperson understands, it is impossible to speak to ways that your product or service can satisfy customer needs until you have a clear understanding of exactly what those needs

Know thyself

Taking a personal inventory from time to time can be very liberating.  It is useful and important to understand, as best we can, our strengths and weaknesses.  We all have been given gifts, and we tend to be more comfortable and successful when we put those inherent skills, talents, and