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Luck…when preparation meets opportunity

If “timing is everything,” then it is critical that we be prepared to act when the time is right.  Know what you are trying to achieve and have an action plan.   Understand the advantages and potential opportunities, as well as the risks involved in making a move.  Always have an up-to-date resume prepared as well as a list of current references…folks who know your work and are prepared to speak articulately in support of your skills, work ethic, and character .   Include both former employers as well as customers.  Be prepared with a mental inventory of past and more recent accomplishments that you can adroitly blend into the conversation, and never underestimate the ability to relate an amusing or clever story, especially one that demonstrates how you learned a valuable lesson.

Listen, listen, and then listen some more

…is, perhaps, the best advice for someone who has not been in the “interview mode” for some time.  As every good salesperson understands, it is impossible to speak to ways that your product or service can satisfy customer needs until you have a clear understanding of exactly what those needs are.  Sometimes we are so enthusiastic about telling our own story that we fail to recognize that it is most important to listen to our customer’s agenda and needs.  And, when we have the chance to meet with a potential employer, it is critical to ask exactly how we might bring value, to know what is needed.  Only then can we suggest how we might make a valuable contribution.  In an interview situation, ideally information flow should be a 50/50 split, or perhaps even 60/40 with the interviewer doing most of the talking, at least in an initial meeting.  It is important, then, to come prepared with a good understanding of the company as well as informed questions.

Know thyself

Taking a personal inventory from time to time can be very liberating.  It is useful and important to understand, as best we can, our strengths and weaknesses.  We all have been given gifts, and we tend to be more comfortable and successful when we put those inherent skills, talents, and proclivities to work.  Careers take many turns, and not always by our own design.  Perhaps we are best suited to a more creative role and find ourselves, somehow, in an administrative position that stifles creativity.  Or, we may be a “people person” with strong empathy and a need for social contact and find that those talents are not being fulfilled or fully utilized in our current job.  Pausing occasionally to examine how we might be happier and more fulfilled in our work can bring positive change, especially when we have an opportunity to explore a new role.  We can prepare by asking ourselves the difficult questions.

Welcome to Reflections on Recruiting

Some may call this a blog.  Whatever the name, our goal is to share helpful, informative, and perhaps entertaining thoughts, reflections, and stories gathered over 30 plus years of recruiting experience.  We hope you enjoy the read.